The Coding Boot Camp at UCR Extension

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Become a Web Developer in 24 Weeks

Online Riverside Web Development Boot Camp

Web development is a fast-growing job/career track, and The Coding Boot Camp at UCR Extension teaches you the specialized skills to tap into this rewarding industry. Through a fast-paced, immersive curriculum, you’ll learn the skills needed to become proficient in front end and back end coding technologies.

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Structured Flexibility

Benefit from convenient online classes designed to fit around your schedule, while receiving the structure and support you need to achieve your career goals. 

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Live Online Instruction

Gain real-world training through hands-on, instructor-led classes and benefit from peer collaboration in our virtual classroom experience.

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Real-World Projects

Our industry-driven curriculum teaches you the most in-demand web development skills through real-world examples. Everything you learn is immediately applicable to a professional environment.

Why Choose Our Coding Program?

As you embark on this 24-week journey, you’ll dive into a challenging curriculum and learn more than you thought was possible. With a virtual classroom environment and collaboration with your classmates, you will get hands on experience in full-stack web development.

  • Maintain your current work schedule by studying part-time.
  • Gain access to continuation courses that cover additional in-demand technologies, including Python, Java, C#, and Amazon Web Services.
  • Simulate a professional work environment by teaming up with your peers on real-world projects and build complex applications that will bolster your professional portfolio.
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion from UCR Extension Professional Studies showcasing your accomplishments to future employers.
  • Benefit from a wide set of career services: resume and social media support, technical interview preparation, portfolio reviews, soft skills training, coaching, and more to help you launch or advance your career.

Gain Future-Proof Skills

Our part-time coding program curriculum covers front end and back end technologies*, and you will complete the program with the skills needed to become a full stack web developer:

Computer Science applied to JavaScript

  • Algorithms (Searches, Sorts)
  • Efficiency
  • Time Complexity
  • Big O Notation
  • Data Structures

Browser Based Technologies

  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Responsive Design
  • Bootstrap
  • Handlebars
  • Local Storage, Session Storage, IndexedDB
  • React.js


    • MySQL
    • MongoDB

    Server Side Development

    • User Authentication
    • Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)
    • MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js)

    API Interaction

    • API
    • JSON
    • AJAX

    Supplemental Self-Study Topics

    • Python
    • Java
    • Amazon Web Services
    • C#

    *The material covered is subject to change. Our academic team adjusts to the market demand.

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    Industry-Driven Full Stack Curriculum

    To optimize our full stack curriculum and ensure we are continually teaching the most in-demand technologies, we work closely with employers and industry professionals looking for those who have completed a boot camp. Our curriculum includes:

    A high-level, interpreted scripting language found on most of today’s web pages, this is the programming language that brings your site to life.

    Defines the structure and layout of a webpage. This language is critical as it dictates a site’s organization.

    Defines the style of a webpage and how it is presented to the user. This language is important because it determines fonts, colors, and positions of webpage elements.

    A JavaScript library that simplifies programming. Considered to be the most popular and most utilized JavaScript library to date.

    A front end framework used to design responsive websites and web apps. This framework is fundamental to achieving good performance.

    A JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Essential to any developer looking to build scalable network applications.

    A database management system used to store and retrieve data. This system is critical for developers as most applications today require a MySQL database to preserve information.

    A document-oriented NoSQL database. This database is critical for security and it is trusted to power business-critical applications in over 50 percent of the Fortune 100 companies.

    A web application framework for Node.js. This framework play a crucial role in the flow of data between server and routes in server-side applications.

    The most widely used JavaScript library today. This library is essential for creating web apps in an agile manner.

    *The material covered is subject to change. Our academic team adjusts to the market demand.

    Innovative Online Model

    Our online coding boot camp was designed for busy, working professionals like you. We understand that you need the flexibility to fit your education around your existing work and life commitments, but we also know that accountability is needed to help you become a web developer.

    Real-World Training

    Get job ready through hands-on experience with the latest front end and back end technologies, and build a portfolio of projects to showcase your knowledge.

    Engaging Virtual Classes

    Attend class from wherever you are. Our online classes are NOT lectures: they’re designed to be engaging and interactive sessions. Work with other members of your tightly-knit cohort and broaden your experience while leaning on your instructor and teaching assistants.

    Maximum Support

    Receive extensive real-time support from a team dedicated to helping you succeed. This support team consists of instructors, teaching assistants, and student success and career services teams.

    Job Planning Assistance

    You will have access to a dedicated career director and career material advisor that will help you prepare to find your dream job after completing the boot camp through a wide range of career services.

    Comprehensive Support

    When learning the skills for web development, it’s important to have help available when you need it. The Coding Boot Camp at UCR Extension offers you multiple layers of support from a team of people who have your back, including:

    Get support from instructors and teaching assistants. Our industry professional instructional staff is there to help you gain the skills you need on your journey.

    Qualified students will have access to free tutoring upon request and receive up to an hour a week of 1:1 time with a skilled tutor to discuss class material, code reviews, or career related questions.

    Students receive support from a dedicated team throughout their boot camp journey. Whether you need a coach, some inspiration, or someone to talk to about catching up on homework, you’ll always have someone there to help.

    You will have access to a dedicated career director and career material advisor that will help you prepare to land your dream job after completing the boot camp. Learn how to build your personal brand and stand out in today’s market through:

    • Technical and Behavioral Interview Preparation
    • Industry Speakers and Events
    • Resume, LinkedIn and Portfolio Development

    Students will have a classroom full of fellow coders to collaborate with, ask questions or motivate each other through difficult material. The virtual classes allows students to bolster their professional network, extending beyond program completion. Once you complete the program, you will become a member of our boot camp alumni community, which brings a wealth of networking opportunities.

    Is This Online Coding Boot Camp Right for You?


    You’re looking to advance your current career and learn coding skills to open up new opportunities


    You’re interested in switching careers and want to become a professional web developer


    You want to enhance your coding skills or learn web development to advance in your role

    How to Apply

    1. Form Submission. Fill out our program interest form with a few of your key details so that we can get in touch with you.
    2. Admissions Interview and Application. Connect with a member of our admissions team for a quick phone interview to discuss the program in more detail, answer your questions, and talk through your goals. Then, fill out a short application that tells us more about you and your reasons for pursuing this opportunity. 
    3. Assessment. Complete a multiple-choice critical thinking and problem-solving assessment. This is your chance to show us your logic-based skills. No prior industry experience is required to complete the assessment. If you pass your academic assessment (congratulations!), you are officially accepted into the program and able to move forward with the enrollment process.
    4. Financial Options, Deposit, and Enrollment Agreement. After acceptance into the program, you will connect with admissions to discuss which financial option works best for you. Once you’ve approved your desired payment method, the last step to finalize your enrollment is to pay your deposit and review and sign your enrollment agreement.

    Start Your Journey. That’s it! You’re now ready to begin your program pre-work and prepare to start the boot camp.

    Coding Boot Camp Schedule

    Part-Time Schedule

    • 24-week online format
    • Study part-time while maintaining your existing professional, educational or personal obligations
    • Learn through live online classes three days per week and real-world projects and assignments
    • Dedicate 9 hours of scheduled in-class time per week and a minimum of 20+ hours outside of class on hands-on projects and practice work

    Currently Enrolling:

    • Coding Part-Time December 11, 2023
    • Cybersecurity Part-Time December 11, 2023

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, you do not have to be a UC Riverside student to enroll in The Coding Boot Camp at UCR Extension. This program is offered through the UCR Extension.

    No previous experience is required. Our pre-course tutorials will help you prepare for the Coding Boot Camp.

    The part-time coding program takes 6 months (24 weeks) to complete.

    The Coding Boot Camp at UCR Extension classes are held online. For more information on how to apply to this program, please fill out our contact form or call to speak with admissions at (951) 335-8620.

    Contact an admissions officer at (951) 335-8620 or fill out the form below if you’re ready to learn more about The Coding Boot Camp at UCR Extension.

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